Welcome Cardfighters to the Deck Center V Premium page! V Premium format began on June 22, 2018 in English. Current rules applied to V Premium are as followed;
  • Only Cards with  icon in their collection information may be used.

Choose from twenty-four different clans, each with their own unique decks! Below are all the current clans and information to get you started.

Royal Paladin is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation, which has Imaginary Gift , and is one of the first two clans in the game. The clan is themed around knights, dragons, wizards, and animals, among others, with a focus around several folktales like Arthurian Legends. It is the first regular army of the holy nation. Royal Paladins are a well-rounded clan that focuses on having a field of powerful rearguards. They can quickly amass a full field of units while at the same time mitigating the loss of hand advantage through either drawing cards when calling rearguards, return rested rearguards to the hand or superior calling or riding specific units from the deck or soul.

Shadow Paladin is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around knights, dragons, wizards, and animals, among others, with a focus on sticking to the shadows and dark magicks. It is an irregular army within the holy nation, as there are hardly any records of the clan's existence. As the dark counterpart of Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin plays similarly, focusing on amassing a field of rear-guards by generating card advantage. However, unlike Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin focuses on calling weaker units as fodder for their boss units' powerful abilities, which demand the player to retire several of their units as a cost. For that purpose, the clan often uses rear-guards that are low on Power but can be called quickly for low costs.

Genesis is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around a magical business conglomerate, being a sister and rival conglomerate to Oracle Think Tank. Many of their services involve fortune telling, security, and magical studies, with a focus on the latter two. Unlike the original version, it is unknown when the clan was established. Genesis is known for having a "jack of all trades" playstyle, due to their unique theme of Soul Blasting as a cost to activate different kinds of effects. Some units have their abilities activated when they are Soul Blasted, others can change the number of cards an ability may require to Soul Blast, and some can even gain power or trigger effects.

Gold Paladin is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around knights, dragons, wizards, and animals, among others, with a focus on animalistic armaments. It is the second regular army of the holy nation. Gold Paladins are an aggressive clan that focuses on rapidly superior calling units from the hand or top few cards of their deck. While their limited search options tend to cause the quality of their rearguards to vary, the large amount of superior calling they do allows them to reliably maintain a full field with relatively low costs. They can also superior call during the battle phase in order to enable more attacks during their turn or get more skills by the number of called units in that turn.

Angel Feather is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around angels who are tasked with the medical care needs for all of Planet Cray. There are different groups within the clan, each with their own medical field of expertise. Angel Feather is a versatile clan that focuses on manipulating the damage zone and using it as a toolbox. They can superior call units from the damage or drop zone, swap cards from the hand with cards in the damage zone and even superior ride units from the damage zone. Many of their effects reward damage zone manipulation, increasing power or shield value if a card was put in the damage zone this turn. To further increase the value manipulating the damage zone, they can heal and inflict damage on themselves, which increases their number of options to choose from and sometimes even has the added benefit of activating triggers during the damage check.

Oracle Think Tank is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation, which has Imaginary Gift , and is one of the first four clans in the game. The clan is themed around a magical business conglomerate. Many of their services involve fortune telling, security, and magical studies. Oracle Think Tank has a highly defensive playstyle that involves deck manipulation and amassing a large hand through drawing many cards. Many of their units allow them to look at the top card of their deck, which allows them to adjust their strategy as they know what they are going to draw into or drive check. They can also control what cards are on top of the deck by sending the top card to the bottom of the deck or searching their deck for specific cards to place on top. To improve the deck control, some units has the skill to reveal the top card of the deck and getting skills if the card are a normal or a trigger unit, other can activate their skills if a revealed by a card effect.

Kagero is a clan from the Dragon Empire nation, which has Imaginary Gift , and is one of the first two clans in the game. The clan is themed around fire-breathing dragons and dragon-mounted knights. It is the first regular army of the dragon nation. Kagero's playstyle revolves around disrupting the opponent's field by retiring their rearguards. This synergizes with their units' abilities, as many of them activate when their opponent's rearguards are retired or when they have few rearguards. Kagero's offense is primarily centered around their vanguard, who often has threatening abilities that pressure the opponent.

Narukami is a clan from the nation of Dragon Empire, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan's military prowess is second only to Kagero. Although many have crimson scales, their power comes from thunder and lightning. Narukami is an aggressive clan that focuses on disrupting the opponent’s field in order to power up their own units. The clan achieves this by binding the opponent's rear-guards, as well as attacking multiple units at once, or even moving opposing rear-guards to different rear-guard circles; this playstyle fits the clan thematically, as being hit by lightning can leave you paralyzed, and lightning strikes can affect a large area, while the circle movement can be seen as booming thunder blasting units away. Many units also have their abilities activate when an opponent's rear-guard is bound, such as powering up or being able to superior call themselves.

Tachikaze is a clan from the Dragon Empire nation, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures and beings augmented with mechanical or artillery equipment. It is the elite ground assault troops of the dragon nation. Tachikaze is based on the mechanic of Equip Gauges, named "Armed Equip Gauge", reflects its theme of heavy weapons and artillery. Equip Gauges are stacked behind the player's rear-guards to then be used for a variety of purposes, common uses include gaining Power, generate resources, discard them as costs, activating stronger abilities if a rear-guard has a certain amount of gauges stacked beneath it, among others. Some abilities allow the moving of Equip Gauges between different rear-guards to better manage their usage. Additionally, Tachikaze focuses on retiring the player's own rear-guards as a cost to gain Power and generate advantage while using rear-guards that trigger their effects when they are retired.

Murakumo is a clan from the Dragon Empire nation, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around dragons, demons, and beasts who specialize in the art of ninjutsu. They are one of the main espionage forces of the dragon nation. Murakumo focuses on "cloning" their units by superior calling copies of themselves from the deck or drop zone, allowing them to quickly fill the field to rush down the opponent. Some of their effects increase the power of cloned units, while others can copy the name of a different unit so they're treated as a clone as well. Aside from cloning, the clan can also hurt the opponent through skills, such as putting opponent's rearguards in the bottom of their deck, preventing the opponent from riding, guarding, or even lowering the opponent's Power during their turn.

Nubatama is a clan from the nation of Dragon Empire, which has Imaginary Gift . They are one of the Dragon Empire's espionage corps, with a focus on gathering intelligence. This clan has no known leader, although it does seem to be led by the "Congo" faction. Nubatama is a control based clan that focuses on reducing your opponent's resources. Nubatama generally lacks in aggressive potential, so instead they weaken the opponent's hand to make it harder for the opponent to defend against their attacks. The main way they do this is by bouncing an opponent's rear-guard back to their hand then forcing the opponent to discard a card, which weakens their field and forces them to either lose potential Shields to keep the bounced card or lose that important rear-guard. They can also directly discard a card from the opponent's hand, and in some cases limit how many cards the opponent can have in their hand at the end of the turn, forcing them to discard the rest. In addition to this, Nubatama also uses multiple cards with "When placed" abilities that can be reused by bouncing them and calling them again.

Gear Chronicle is a clan from the nation of Dark Zone, which has Imaginary Gift . This clan is from a dimension different to that of the original Gear Chronicle, or is from an era before the original, as the current leader is unknown. Gear Chronicle specializes in "time traveling" tactics, such as summoning and sending units from and to the past and future. Their main mechanic is using Grade 3 units that can Superior Ride a Grade 4 unit temporarily, then at the end of the turn the Vanguard reverts to the previous Grade 3. Those Grade 4 units can have multiple effects that activate by progressively achieving a specific condition, such as having a specific sum or Grades in the Bind Zone or having a certain amount of cards in hand, also some Grade 4 units can superior call units from the top of the deck or superior ride a unit from the soul after attacking. The clan frequently discards cards from their hand to use their effects, so it uses cards with effects that activate upon being discarded to capitalize on the costs of their other abilities.

Spike Brothers is a clan from the Dark Zone nation, which has Imaginary Gift . It is themed after many brutish races such as OgresDemons, and Goblins competing against each other in an athletic sport known as "Gallows Bowl", which takes after real-world sports such as American football and rugby. In Gallows Bowl, however, cheating and fixed matches are prominent, and many weak players die often, as there are no rules against the use of weapons or modifications. Spike Brothers are an offense-heavy clan that focuses on having high power rearguards. In order to maintain this power, many of their units have abilities that send a rearguard into the soul with the purpose of superior calling a copy of that rearguard from the deck. This not only makes their field consistently dangerous, but also increases the likelihood of drive checking and damage checking triggers as normal units are taken out of the deck.

Pale Moon is a clan from the Dark Zone nation, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around a magical circus troupe that, behind the scenes, specializes in assassination. Pale Moon specializes in Superior Calling rear guards from the Soul, often during the Battle Phase to do more attacks. Some of their rear guards can send themselves to the Soul after attacking to call a card with a different Grade from the Soul to replace them. Other units can soul blast all the units to give more power or skills to compensate the loss.

Dark Irregulars is a clan from the Dark Zone nation, which has Imaginary Gift . Dark Irregulars focus on rapidly increasing a large amount of cards in your soul, then using effects once the player has a certain amount of soul. Some units gain Power based on the number of cards in the soul while others gain Power when cards are placed in the soul, some units abilities if you have some units with the same name in the soul and some units can manipulate the soul to call other units or return to the hand.

Bermuda Triangle is a clan from the nation of Magallanica, which has Imaginary Gift . This clan consists of mermaid pop idols. Bermuda Triangle is extremely varied, with each idol and group having their own unique playstyle. It has the Imaginary Gift Force, which allows them to make their attacks even stronger or add criticals for extra pressure.

Aqua Force is a clan from the nation of Magallanica, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around a naval armed force that maintains order across the seas. The clans personnel feature blue dragons, artificial humanoids and various sea animals. Aqua Force is a combo-oriented aggressive clan that focuses on assaulting the opponent with a flurry of calculated attacks. Many of their card effects activate after or before a specific number of battles during their battle phase have occurred, encouraging a mindful approach when it comes to attacking the opponent. In order to increase the number of battles they have during a turn, Aqua Force has several cards that can restand units or exchange positions with other rearguards. Aqua Force rear-guards tend to attack unboosted, to compensate this several effects increase the power of their units enough to pressure the opponent's Vanguard.

Granblue is a clan from the Magallanica nation, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around seafaring pirate crews consisting of macabre, undead characters such as vampires, ghosts, skeletons and gillman. This clan often times comes into conflict with another Magallanica clan, the Aqua Force. The Granblue clan revolves around the use of the drop zone to gain advantage. Several of their cards have effects that send the top cards of the deck to the drop zone, and many others have effects that superior call cards from the drop zone, some units can retire other units to get power or getting more power by the cost of retire themselves at the end of the battle or turn. Most of the deck's endgame units have skills that are only unlocked when 10 or more cards are in the drop zone.

Neo Nectar is a clan from the nation of Zoo, which has Imaginary Gift . The clan is themed around a magical forest filled with magical creatures and beings, many being plant-based. The clan is responsible for most of Planet Cray's agriculture. Despite being a small clan in terms of size, Neo Nectar has high political prowess. The Great World Tree resides within its border. Neo Nectar's playstyle revolves around the use of token units to maintain a consistent field presence and provide fodder for the costs of their abilities. There are two types of token, the plant tokens have low power on their own, they allow players to save on resources and maintain hand advantage as they are easily called through card effects with little to no cost. Additionally, Neo Nectar can drastically boost the power of these tokens and their other rear-guards, allowing them to deliver threatening and high-powered attacks also can give those cards more power and skills as intercept and shield to protect, allowing you have more chances to guard from your hand.

Great Nature is a clan from the nation of Zoo, which has Imaginary Gift . Although they are considered to be a clan, Great Nature itself is a University first and foremost, renowned for its teachings, and is considered to be the greatest institution in all of Planet Cray. The units include students and staff members alike. Great Nature's main focus is the "Lottery" mechanic, which involves sending the top card of the deck to the drop zone then activating one of two effects depending on if the sent card was a normal unit or trigger unit. Often, the effect activated by the sent card being a trigger unit is more powerful to compensate for losing the trigger effect. Most of these effects include gaining power, while others can affect your opponent in multiple ways, or grant you additional resources, while some cards activate their effects when a Lottery is used. The clan's stronger units can manipulate the Lottery mechanic in several ways to give the player more control over the usually random nature of it, such as making a Lottery activate twice or making it so both options activate regardless of the result of the Lottery.

Megacolony is a clan from the Zoo nation, which has Imaginary Gift . Megacolony is a defensive-control clan that focuses on interfering with the opponent's field. This is typically accomplished by preventing the opponent's units from standing during the stand phase and decreasing the power of their opponent's units, thus making it more difficult for them to both guard and retaliate. They also have several peculiar utility skills, such as gaining field advantage by calling rearguards from their soul as rest, nullify effects of opponent's units, searching their deck for grade 3s so they can reliably obtain Imaginary Gifts, milling the opponent's deck to get skills or power, stealing opponent's trigger when are checked and putting Cradle markers to opponent's unit to weakening its attacks and when the unit with marker are retired, you can get more cards from your deck.

Link Joker is a clan from the nation of Star Gate, which has Imaginary Gift . Link Joker focuses on limiting the opponent's ability to fight back. It does this via the Delete mechanic, which weakens the opponent's vanguard and removes their abilities, to make your attacks harder to defend. Aside from deleting the vanguard, the clan also binds the opponent's cards face-down, while the Starhulks can manipulate your ability to trigger check, or reverse trigger effects themselves and Messiah and its followers put units face down in the field (lock) in its field to activate various effects or to make unlock taking more attacks, in the case of the Star-vaders can use the manipulation of the face down cards in the field (lock) in an offensive mode to placing face down cards in the opponent's field it can also demolish your opponent's Imaginary Gift to ruin any advantage.

Dimension Police is a clan from the Star Gate nation, which has Imaginary Gift . This clan is themed around an interdimensional police force, as well as the villains and monsters they protect the universes from. Dimension Police focus on having an immensely powerful Vanguard with high-powered and difficult-to-guard attacks. They have dangerous Vanguard effects that activate when they hit certain power or criticals thresholds, such as extra criticals, more power to itself or the rearguards or even a second Vanguard attack. In order to reach these power thresholds, Dimension Police rely on their rearguards to increase their Vanguard's power or criticals. To improve the high-pressure attacks, Dimension Police has a certain focus in the Grade 3, giving skills to the grade 3 as shield and intercept, having skills if you have many grade 3 in your field, dealing damage if you reveal a grade 3 in your drive check even superior riding a grade 3 in the attack phase.

Nova Grappler is a clan from the nation of Star Gate, which has Imaginary Gift , and one of the first four clans in the game. The clan is themed around giant, human-piloted robots and aliens who fight competitively in matches similar to that of real-world mixed martial arts matches. Nova Grapplers have a high-risk, high-reward playstyle in which they deliver multiple high-powered attacks at the expense of resources to quickly take down the opponent. This is accomplished through standing their rearguards during the battle phase and power-increasing card effects that require the player to commit cards from their hand to the field. Nova Grappler tends to sacrifice defensiveness for additional powerhouse offense, so they aim to defeat the opponent faster, also some units gets Power or activate skills when themselves or other units stand many times in the same turn.