A nation born from the fusion of the land of abundant nature, "Zoo" and the land of aquatic creatures and immortal army, "Magallanica" under the teachings of the Great Sage, Stoicheia. A land where the world's best minds gather within the verdant riches of nature. Stoicheia is focused around the theme of "gathering strength from allies". The nation emphasizes superior calling rear-guards and empowering those rear-guards in multiple forms to pressure the opponent with powerful rear-guards. The nation also has multiple means of calling rear-guards from the Drop Zone to recover lost units.

Below are all the playable and buildable decks within the Stoicheia nation.

The Sylvan Horned Beast series specialize in granting rear-guards the ability to attack from the backrow to overwhelm the opponent with a large amount of attacks. Because attacking from the backrow means not being able to Boost, they grant large amounts of Power to the rear-guards so that the unboosted attacks can threaten the opponent.

The Regrain series make extensive use of Order cards for a variety of purposes, enhanced through the use of the Alchemagic Keyword which allows the player to add the effect of an Order in the Drop Zone to another Order, essentially allowing the reuse of Orders in the Drop Zone.

The Flagship series repeatedly Stand their rear-guards to attack the opponent multiple times while the Vanguard unlocks multiple abilities depending on how many times the player has attacked that turn.