Welcome Cardfighters to the Deck Center Standard page! Standard format began on May 14, 2021 in English. Current rules applied to Standard are as followed;
  • Only Cards with  icon in their collection information may be used.
  • A Ride Deck must be used.

Choose from six different nations, each with their own unique decks! Below are all the current nations and information to get you started.

The Dragon Empire is the only nation whose name remains even after 3000 years. Primary main theme is retiring the opponent's rear-guards allowing the player to control the opponent's field and gain benefits from doing so. In addition, each of the Nation's Ride Lines features its own playstyle alongside the focus on retiring. 

Formally known as the United Sanctuary, a sacred nation that valued justice and order. After civil wars and natural disasters, the land became desolate, and so the descendants built the islands in the sky, "Ketergia" and created the new country. Keter Sanctuary's playstyle varies for each of its Ride Lines.

A magical nation shrouded in everlasting darkness and ruled by demonkin. The former Dark Zone was once fractured into small kingdoms ruled by demon kings, until it was reunited by the efforts of a single hero. Dark States is focused around using the soul for multiple purposes through building up soul, or soulblasting a large amount of soul to use strong abilities.

A nation born from the fusion of the land of abundant nature, "Zoo" and the land of aquatic creatures and immortal army, "Magallanica" under the teachings of the Great Sage, Stoicheia. A land where the world's best minds gather within the verdant riches of nature. Stoicheia is focused around the theme of "gathering strength from allies". The nation emphasizes superior calling rear-guards and empowering those rear-guards in multiple forms to pressure the opponent with powerful rear-guards. The nation also has multiple means of calling rear-guards from the Drop Zone to recover lost units.

Known as "Star Gate" in the past, the nation served as the Star Gate of Planet Cray to visitors from other dimensions. Incorporating the technology of the Planet "Brandt", it maintains its advanced culture and national power in the new era through its high level of technological development. The citizens of Brandt Gate continue to fight threats from other worlds at the borders of this world. Brandt Gate is focused around the use of Set Orders, the nation uses different types of Set Orders for various purposes, while its support cards either search those Set Orders or generate advantage when the player has specific types of Set Orders.


Bermuda Triangle was the only clan from the former nation Magallanica not to join into Stoicheia, taking a different path instead. That different path lead to the creation of the sixth nation separate from the other five, Lyrical Monasterio. Lyrical Monasterio is a large and varied nation where each of its Ride Lines follows a very different playstyle.