Welcome Cardfighters to the Deck Center Premium page! Current rules applied to Premium are as followed;
  • All cards may be used regardless of having an icon or not.

Choose from twenty-four different clans, each with their own unique decks! Below are all the current clans and information to get you started.

Royal Paladin is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation, and one of the first two clans in the game. The clan is themed around knights, dragons, wizards, animals, among others with a focus around several folktales like Arthurian Legends. Royal's Paladin theme is "Power from allies". They use superior calling effects to quickly gather 5 rear-guards, and gain advantages and power from those rear-guards. Their keyword is "Brave", which unlocks powerful effects when the player has three or less cards in hand.

Oracle Think Tank is a clan from the nation of United SanctuaryIn the lore, the clan is led by CEO Amaterasu. As the clan itself is a corporation, the offer many different services, with the main business being in predictive magicks and fortune telling. Oracle Think Tank's main focus is increasing the player's hand size in order to keep guarding the opponent's assaults until they run out of resources. They also manipulate the deck to some extent to have more control over which cards they draw and know when they'll Drive Check Triggers. Their keyword is "Oracle", which activates when the player has 5 or more cards in hand. The clan relies less on brute force than other clans. Instead, they apply pressure by Drive Checking more triggers and restricting the opponent from guarding with Grade 0 cards.

Angel Feather is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary. Most of the clan's units are angels, hence the name. Their units are styled around doctors, nurses, hospitals, and anything that has to do with healing. The clan's main focus is manipulating cards in the damage zone, either by calling cards from the damage zone, swapping cards between the hand and damage zone, or even outright healing. Since this often allows Angel Feather to remove face-down cards from the damage zone and exchange them for fresh face-up cards, Angel Feather can effectively Counter Charge large amounts of damage, allowing them to heavily utilize Counter Blast costs. This is further made clear with the clan's keyword, "Rescue", which allows the player to perform damage checks without actually taking damage.

Shadow Paladin is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation. This clan is one of the three armies defending the holy nation. Due to their preference of working in the shadows, without seeking glory or recognition, many do not know of this clan, and the clan's name falls in and out of obscurity from time to time. Despite being a part of the holy nation, they sometimes start conflict within the nation, and have been known to start at least two civil wars. Shadow Paladin's theme is "sacrifice your allies for power". It focuses on calling rear-guards from the deck, but unlike Royal Paladin who gains power from rear-guards, Shadow Paladin retires their rear-guards for costs or effects. It uses superior calling and building hand advantage to recover from the losses of retiring many rear-guards at once. This allows the clan to have a highly aggressive game while still keeping enough resources to defend and has strong consistency via multiple Superior calls similar to Royal Paladin. The keyword "Ritual" activates based on the number of grade 1 cards in your drop zone, and is mostly used by Dragwizards. This is fulfilled with the clan's usual playstyle of sacrifice.

Gold Paladin is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary. After both the Royal Paladins and the Shadow Paladins were sealed away in the events leading to the War of Liberation, the Gold Paladins were created by the remaining members of the Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin clans. Gold Paladin's search abilities is limited at a few cards from the top of the deck, somewhat restricted compared to its predecessors, who can search the entire deck, but gains the right to call anything from among them in turn. The original limit is only one card from the top of deck. The search limit is expanded during the Legion Mate Era, to three or four. And finally up to five during the G era. Regardless of the increased, only one unit may be called for each search, in general. Their keyword is "Unite", which is fulfilled by their playstyle of multiple calls.

Genesis is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary. In the lore, the CEO in charge of this clan is Cosmic Regalia, CEO Yggdrasil, a former member of Neo Nectar and first mentioned in the lore of Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine. As the clan is also a conglomerate with a focus on business, they have many different departments, such as research of ancient technologysecurity, and offensive magicks. Genesis' focus is on soul charging and soul blasting, a playstyle that differs from the other United Sanctuary clans. As soul blasting is a cost mechanic, their effects are considered to be "jacks of all trades", such as superior calling cards when they are soul blasted, drawing cards, returning cards to the deck when they are soul blasted, and even granting large power ups to their units. The keyword "Revelation" granted the clan the ability to look at the top card of the deck, and then decide if they wanted to put that card into their soul, or to leave it at the top of the deck, giving the player some control over the usually-random soul charging effects. (Note: Putting a card into the soul this way is not considered Soul Charging.) Soul Blasting is normally reserved for the vanguard, while the rear-guards are the main source of soul charging.

Kagero is a clan from the nation of Dragon Empire, and was one of the first playable clans in the game. In the lore, this clan is the strongest military in all of Planet Cray. Kagero's theme of "fire" is prominent in its effects, with a focus on "burning" the opponent's resources. The main way they do this is by retiring the opponent's rear-guards to gain advantages and weaken, or outright ruin, the opponent's battle formation. The "Blaze" keyword, primarily used by the Blademaster archetype, activates if the player has more rear-guards than the opponent. Each military troop within the clan has its own methods of benefiting and using the retiring mechanic.

Nubatama is a clan from the nation of Dragon Empire. In the lore, they are one of the Dragon Empire's espionage corps, with a focus on gathering intelligence. This clan has no known leader, although it does seem to be led by the "Congo" faction. This clan's playstyle revolves around the themes of "stealth and sabotage". The clan focuses on reducing the opponent's resources, either directly by forcing them to discard, or indirectly by binding cards so they cannot be used to guard until the turn's end. Nubatama also gains various benefits for binding cards, including power bonuses or gaining the ability to send those cards to the drop zone. The stealth aspect is reinforced with their keyword "Afterimage", which allows them to return rear-guards to their hand once an opponent's bound card is returned to their hand. This allows them to use hit-and-run tactics throughout the game to keep their important units safe. This clan gained a second keyword in Cardfight! Vanguard G: NEXT based around taking control of the opponent's units and forcing them to attack their allies, aptly named "Dominate".

Tachikaze is a clan from the nation of Dragon Empire. In the lore, the Dinodragons were the strongest force in the entire nation, until many were killed during the clan's genocide by a unit from another clan. The other clans took this as a chance to gain control over the dinodragons, as they themselves were also a threat to the nation, and created the clan known as "Tachikaze". Like the other clans in the nation, Tachikaze is a military force on its own, specializing on ground-assault tactics. The clan revolves around the themes of "eat or be eaten" and "king of the jungle". They focus on retiring the player's own rear-guards for costs and effects, which often involve increasing their attack power and criticals. Some units have effects that activate upon being "eaten" (retired), with some that can revive themselves altogether. They take advantage of calling back the retired rear-guards during the battle phase to do more attacks. These abilities are further supported by the keyword "Engorge", which has them gain even more benefits based on how many allies were "eaten".

Murakumo is a clan from the nation of Dragon Empire.  In the lore, they are one of the Dragon Empire's espionage corps. This clan's theme is "stealth tactics" and "cloning". They specialize in superior calling multiple copies of their units from the deck at once, and returning to the bottom of the deck or moving to the hand at the end of the turn, which simulates how ninjas strike their target then disappear without being detected. This ninja theme is further improved upon with they keyword "Shadowstitch", which allows the player to chain effects and swift attacks in exchange for not hitting the opponent's vanguard, forcing the opponent to either guard and activate these effects, or take damage. The effects gained by cloning differ, but most gain power, the ability to attack from the back row, and the ability to grant "Boost" to grade 2 or greater units. Some units even benefit from being in certain circles.

Narukami is a clan from the nation of Dragon Empire. In the lore, the clan's military prowess is second only to Kagero. After the Kagero clan was sealed away in the events leading to the War of Liberation, Narukami came to the forefront to lead the Dragon Empire's military to fill the space of Kagero taking on many of the previously Kagero units. Naturally, Narukami's play style is reminiscent of its predecessor's. All of the units focus on retiring the opponent's rear-guards, from actual retiring (such as the Eradicators), or gaining the ability to attack multiple units at once, causing the opponent to guard each unit individually or lose those who remain unguarded (such as the Brawlers and Kaisers). Also, the clan's purpose of retiring is for pure, extreme offense in contrast Kagero's pressure-based and sabotaging style. The clan also retire its own rearguard, usually with total destruction along with the opponent's. To differentiate from Kagero further, Narukami gained the ability to bind units starting in Cardfight! Vanguard G. Some units can retire an opponent's rear-guard, and then bind said card once it enters the Drop Zone, while some cards can bind a card directly from the Drop Zone. The cards are bound face up, permanently, thus fueling the clan's keyword "Thunderstrike", which allows units to gain power and effects depending on the number of cards in the opponent's Bind Zone.

Spike Brothers is a clan from the nation of Dark Zone. Keeping with the clan's theme of "American Football/Rugby teams", Spike Brothers focuses on steamrolling the opponent with a barrage of high-powered attacks. Their main strategy is for their rear-guards to return the deck after attacking in order to leave an empty circle for a new unit to be called and continue the attacks, which simulates football players "passing the ball to each other in order to reach the goal line". Their rear-guards attack for very large numbers, which, in combination with the high frequency of attacks, makes it very difficult for an opponent to survive their onslaught. Their Keyword, "Charge", emphasizes this strategy by giving their rear-guards large amounts of power and/or effects if they were called by an effect, however, charging units are forced to return to the bottom of the deck after participating in a battle (either boosting or attacking). 

Dark Irregulars is a clan from the nation of Dark Zone. In the lore, this nation is full of cryptids, demonsvampires, and other supernatural beings. There is no hierarchy, as the only way to have power in this clan is to gain it by murdering others, and being one of the strongest in the clan. Their gameplay revolves around increasing the number of cards in their soul, and gaining advantages based on how large their soul is. As the number of cards in the soul is usually only important to the main bosses, while the rear-guards focus on getting cards into the soul, this playstyle can be seen as the followers "collecting souls" for their leader, which mimics the clan's lore. The power gained by obtaining cards into the soul is made greater due to the keyword "Darkness".

Pale Moon is a circus-themed clan from the nation of Dark Zone. Pale Moon's playstyle primarily focuses on calling rear-guards from the soul. Their keyword "Magia", which allows to call units from the soul with added bonuses and/or lower costs in exchange of returning them to the soul at the end of turn.

Gear Chronicle is a clan from the nation of Dark Zone. Gear Chronicle's theme is "Time Manipulation". The various gimmicks Gear Chronicle's play-style utilizes are described as manipulating time itself. Originally the clan's primary focus was putting rear-guards on the bottom of their owner's deck as a form of field control and getting advantages when they do this, while using effects that prevent the opponent from calling guardians with a certain grade. Later the keyword "Time Leap" was introduced which allows a strong toolbox engine by swapping rearguards with others from the deck with one grade higher. By Time Leaping during the battle phase, this also allows the clan to do multiple attacks.

Granblue is a clan from the nation of Magallanica. In the lore, the leader (or in this case, Grandmaster) of the clan is Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist and his own pirate crew. Despite having a leader, there are many other groups who, more or less, follow their own rules, such as other pirate bands, or playful spirits, or secluded necromancers. The clan is constantly at war against the naval forces. As they carry the "undead" theme, the clan's tactics revolve around reviving their units from the Drop Zone, as well as milling cards from the top of the deck to increase the number of undead beings they can revive. The units can expand their Drop Zone by milling from the deck, but also by Soul Blasting, as well as retiring their own units in exchange for reviving stronger allies. Some units can also gain power from reviving multiple units, while others can retire, or "kill", the opponent's rear-guards. The clan takes advantage of these tactics with their keyword "Hollow", which grants extra power and effects for the cost of being retired at the end of the turn.

Bermuda Triangle is a clan from the nation of Magallanica that consists of mermaid pop idols. The clan's playstyle revolves primarily around returning your units from the field to the hand in order to re-assemble your field or gain effects, similar to how many vocal groups and choirs utilize different vocal ranges for their sounds. Most effects related to returning these units to hand involves gaining additional power and drawing more cards. A good reason for re-assembling columns would be having them become in "Harmony" to gain even more effects and power from each other. They also often have effects that call cards from the hand to open RG spaces, synergizing with the return to hand effects to gain extra attacks.

Aqua Force is a clan from the nation of Magallanica. This clan is based off of naval armed forces, and uses ranks in many of the card's titles. The theme of this clan's playstyle is "promotion, demotion, and tactical movements", similar to that of a real world military. Many of their skills activate after a certain number of battles have occurred during that turn, and some can even activate during the opponent's turn with the clan's keyword "Wave". In general, the more the stated number require, the stronger the effect. To achieve multiple battles per turn, many units have the ability to re-stand after attack, exchange positions with other rear guards (allowing the player to not be hindered by having grade 2 or greater units in the backrow) or directly attack from the backrow. Usually, the skills of the vanguards themselves require them to participate in at least the third battle of that turn.

Megacolony is a clan from the nation of Zoo. It is a crime syndicate made entirely of sentient insects ruled by their Queen, Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora. Megacolony's playstyle involve slowing down the opponent's strategies. The main way they do this is by making the opponent's rear-guards unable to stand normally the next turn, which is referred to as "Paralyzing". Paralyzing prevents the opponent's units from boosting and attacking, and shuts down effects based on attacks. Later the clan becomes capable to paralyze the opponent's vanguard, which prevents the opponent from increasing their hand via drive checking unless they ride a new vanguard. This can also prevent the opponent from Striding because the G-Unit would be rested and still unable to attack. They also have a few skills that retire the opponent's grade 1 rear-guards to further reduce their boosting capacity. Their keyword, "Dark Device" takes advantage of the opponent needing to rest their units to attack and punishes them for not leaving rear-guards for you to paralyze.

Great Nature is a clan from the nation of Zoo. In the lore, the leader of this clan (or more commonly known as the Headmaster), is School Dominator, Apt. Although they are considered to be a clan, Great Nature itself is a University first and foremost, renowned for its teachings, and is considered to be the greatest institution in all of Planet Cray. The students and faculty themselves are anthropomorphic animals. The clan's theme of "knowledge" is present in their skills as well, as many units gain a quick surge of power (usually in intervals of 4000) in exchange for being retired at the end of the turn, which can be interpreted as "studying for a test" and "resting after the test". They combine this with effects activate when the rear-guard is retired during the end phase to generate advantage. The clan also has a focus on drawing cards, which can also be interpreted as "gaining knowledge". By stacking multiple of these effects into a single rear-guard, the end result is usually a high power rear-guard that then generates large amounts of advantage. The clan's keyword, "Success", puts an emphasis on reaching a certain amount of power for their effects, and the achieved state can be seen as a reward for their constant focus on knowledge.

Neo Nectar is a clan from the nation of Zoo. In the lore, Neo Nectar generates the largest share of all produce, as well as grains, among the six major nations. Neo Nectar's playstyle focuses on "growth", specifically calling units from the deck who share the same card name as units that are already on the field, as well as giving power boosts to units who share the same name. The keyword "Bloom" greatly boosts the amount of power given to units of the same name, as well as giving additional effects, such as being able to attack from the back row, granting "Boost" to Grade 2 units, and gaining power during the opponent's turn to help with their defenses.

Nova Grappler is a clan from the nation of Star Gate. Lore-wise, the Nova Grapplers are a participant in the "Nova Grapple", a fully free fighting sport. Nova Grappler fully focuses on Standing for a successive attack, and gains more power from Stand. Many of their cards can Stand after an attack, and some will gain more power. Their Keyword "Rush", which activates when they Stand due to an effect or Trigger, is a symbol to this playstyle.

Dimension Police is a clan from the Star Gate nation. This clan is themed around an interdimensional police force, as well as the villains and monsters they protect the universes from. Dimension Police main playstyle are focused around powering up their units, mainly vanguard, and unlocking their vanguard's skills, which trigger upon having a certain amount of power at the attack. Usually, these skills involve an increase in criticals or additional effects. This trait is shared by all Heroes: Dimensional Robo, Cosmic Hero and Metalborgs. Their Keyword "Burst", activates when the power of the Vanguard became high enough, with the keyword itself featured most prominently with the Cosmic Heroes.

Link Joker is a clan from the nation of Star Gate. In the lore, the advance party of Link Joker are the Star-vaders, led by Chaos Breaker, and are directly responsible for the Great Invasion War. Their original objective was to invade worlds and purge them of life. However, Blaster Blade managed to split the seed of the void, and over time the clan has lost the will to invade and destroy, eventually becoming a regular clan of Cray, though the main force is yet to reveal themselves. A central theme of all of the Link Joker's playstyles is lock, a mechanic that renders their opponent's units unusable without removing them from the field. The control lock provides, while temporary, is extreme, and Link Joker uses these tactics to control the game in their favor.