Bermuda Triangle was the only clan from the former nation Magallanica not to join into Stoicheia, taking a different path instead. That different path lead to the creation of the sixth nation separate from the other five, Lyrical Monasterio. Lyrical Monasterio is a large and varied nation where each of its Ride Lines follows a very different playstyle.

Below are all the playable and buildable decks within the Lyrical Monasterio nation.


The Alestiel line use the Wings mechanic to enable the use of two different types of effects depending on the grades of the cards in the bind zone, allowing the deck to change between two kinds of playstyles depending on which Wing is active.

The Aestice line returns the player's rear-guards to the hand then calls them again to enable multi-attacking and reusing of on-place abilities.

The Earnescorrect line aims to gather five different Earnescorrect rear-guards to activate powerful abilities.

The Loronelol line gathers Song Orders which it can then activate to unlock their abilities.

The Wilista line focuses on the use of Gem Order cards, the Gem Orders then go into the soul to enable other effects.

The Feltyroza line repeatedly calls Ghosts during the battle phase to allow more attacks.