Formally known as the United Sanctuary, a sacred nation that valued justice and order. After civil wars and natural disasters, the land became desolate, and so the descendants built the islands in the sky, "Ketergia" and created the new country. Keter Sanctuary's playstyle varies for each of its Ride Lines.

Below are all the playable and buildable decks within the Keter Sanctuary nation.

The Cloud Knights emphasize the use of Grade 3 cards, rewarding the player for running a high amount of Grade 3s in the deck with effects that empower those Grade 3s and grant them additional abilities. To compensate for the lack of Shield in Grade 3s, the Cloud Knights also feature a large amount of draw power and in some instances allow Grade 3s to gain Shield value.

The Sorceress series revolve around manipulating the Drive Check, they rearrange the top of the deck to increase the player's chances of drive checking Triggers, and have effects that activate when the player's Drive reveals a Trigger.

The Blaster series focuses on retiring your own rear-guards to retire your opponent's rearguards. Rear-guards you retire have abilities to mitigate the cost of retires or give you additional power on retire.