The Dragon Empire is the only nation whose name remains even after 3000 years. Primary main theme is retiring the opponent's rear-guards allowing the player to control the opponent's field and gain benefits from doing so. In addition, each of the Nation's Ride Lines features its own playstyle alongside the focus on retiring. 

Below are all the playable and buildable decks within the Dragon Empire nation.

The Nirvana rideline focuses around the OverDress mechanic, which allows the player to evolve weaker units into different forms that gain a variety of skills when they are in the OverDress state, such as power-ups, retire, card draw or re-standing, resulting in a powerful, versatile playstyle. 

The Dust Storm rideline uses the soul to clear out the opponent's field and gain resources. The soul can also be used as a resource to generate advantage or call more rear-guards to capitalize on the opponent's loss of advantage.

The Overlord rideline retires the opponent's rear-guards by attacking into them with the Vanguard followed by effects that activate when the Vanguard's attack hits.

The Bavsargra rideline make use of Arms Orders to empower the Vanguard with additional abilities.