A magical nation shrouded in everlasting darkness and ruled by demonkin. The former Dark Zone was once fractured into small kingdoms ruled by demon kings, until it was reunited by the efforts of a single hero. Dark States is focused around using the soul for multiple purposes through building up soul, or soulblasting a large amount of soul to use strong abilities.

Below are all the playable and buildable decks within the Dark States nation.

The Diabolos series additionally make use of the Final Rush keyword, which allows them to use stronger abilities if the player has a the ability active at the start of their turn.

The Baromagnus series focuses on building up soul through soul charging effects and unlocking the Vanguard's deadly abilities when a certain threshold of cards have been met.

The Greedon series is all about greed. A deck that only relies through the powerful attacks of the Vanguard with additional Drive Checks and Power by eating up your own minions. Certain minions grant the Vanguard additional bonuses for a even more stronger attack.