About Us

Level up your style with NexLvLGaming merch and accessories.  

Hello! Jaime here the owner of NexLvLGaming. I’m currently a solo operated clothing brand with a passion for TCGs (trading card games) with my favorite being Cardfight Vanguard. All work and clothing, social media, websites, and clothing are design and piloted by myself and the few talented artists I work with. 

It all began at the beginning of the year where I decided to start my own small business and combine my love for card games. I noticed a lack of official merch for the respective games, especially to us western fans. I decided to take action and create high quality merch that everyone would love. T shirts, hoodies, keychains and stickers.

One thing I pride myself in is top quality items. I don't cut corners and sell cheaply made stuff just to profit, instead I put in extra time, money and effort into finding the best manufacturers with the best high quality items. 

If their is ever a problem with a order or website, please contact me and I will do the best I can to satisfy your needs and resolve any issues. I strive for the best customer service where I want all my customers to be happy with what they buy.